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Ready to turn your project around by 360 degrees?
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    Design can
    change the world.
    professional interior designers help you decorate your home
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    Invigorating the living space.
    Find furniture you’ll love
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    Sharp & clean. Simply modern.
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    The Vision

    Get in touch with us and tell us as much as possible about your project! We’ll match you up with one of our designers


    The Detail

    If you’re happy with the initial concept design, we go ahead and prepare detailed drawings and specifications of the space


    The Work

    Once you’ve chosen a contractor you’re happy with, your designer will make regular site visits to ensure that your space is being created


    We are not a traditional agency. Design 121 is a hand-picked tribe of talented, freelance interior decorating designers based in London and around the UK, selected from some of the best london house design & schools and studios in the world.


    Interior Design

    We collaborate with our clients through both our innovative online platform as well as traditional, honest, face to face contact.


    Choose Style

    We handpick every designer from a large breadth of design backgrounds


    Brands You Like

    An interior renovation is not only about transforming the space itself but also adding in the smallest details.


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    David Horn


    Shireen dhaliwal

    Lead Designer

    Abtin Ebrahimi

    PM & Interior Designer

    Helena Crow


    Some of our skills

    Interior designers0
    Product designers0
    Graphic designers0
    Landscape designers0

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    Let our professional interior designers help you decorate your home and find furniture you’ll love.

    Finished Projects


    New Designers


    Team Members


    Happy Clients


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    Please use this form to provide us with as much information as possible so our customer service team can answer your query and resolve any issues you may have, quickly and effectively.

    Our London Office

    Design121, Eagle House,163 City Road, London, EC1V 1NR

    Our Madrid Office

    Spain, Madrid, Design 121 Ltd, Rio Madrid 28005


    Drop a line


    Drop a line



    London: +44 2080043425 +44 7450 769840


    Madrid: +34 642738314


    We are not like other interior design companies in London. At the core of Design 121 is our belief that everyone has the right to live in a beautiful space. We are a handpicked group of talented, and creative, freelance designers based in London and around the UK. All of our team have been selected from some of the best design schools and studios in the world and come from a variety of design backgrounds so you’re sure to find the perfect designer for you. Our diversity and range of talent means that we can find the most suitable designer for your project; ranging from Interior & Landscape Designers, Furniture & Lighting Designers to Graphic Designers, accommodating any aesthetic and fulfilling any project brief. Whether you’re looking for a luxury interior remodeling of your home, a contemporary renovation of your office or a rustic re-design of your London studio, then our dedicated team has you covered.

    At Design 121, we understand that interior renovation is not only about transforming the space itself but also adding in the smallest details to make your home truly your own with a unique character and atmosphere. Let our professional interior designers help you decorate your home and find furniture you’ll love.

    We offer unparalleled customer service and pride ourselves on being a client focused team. We collaborate with our clients through both our innovative online platform as well as traditional, honest, face to face contact to ensure we build up a strong relationship between designer and client. We understand that you need to be able to convey your ideas to a real person who can make your vision a reality. That is why building up a relationship with an interior designer is crucial so that they can understand what you’re looking for and help your achieve the perfect look for your space. We have over 150 highly creative and exceptional interior designs based in central London dedicated to helping you achieve your dream renovation. All of our designers go through a rigorous interview and training scheme to ensure that they meet our high standards and are able to fulfil your needs. You can find out more about our interior designers here.

    Our services include interior designs for home, business, offices, hotels and many more sectors. We can renovate whole homes or single rooms such as living rooms, kitchens and studios. We offer a comprehensive set of packages that suit all needs and price points. No project is too big or too small for us. Transforming a space ought to be a joy and that’s why Design 121 oversees all of its live projects from the initial brief through to its conclusion, transforming your space as seamlessly as possible.

    Contact us now and see for yourself how we are unlike any other interior design company in London.

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