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    Autonomously reducing water production and improving oil recovery in Oman龙8国际娱乐网站_long8龙8国际首页_龙8娱乐app

    Osama Abazeed, Tendeka

    Effective management of reservoir sweep, with regard to wellbore influx, is an inherent issue affecting horizontal well lengths. As an active, self-regulating technology, autonomous inflow control devices respond to viscosity changes to choke water and gas more effectively, increasing production and sustainability.

    Redefining intelligent completions龙8国际娱乐网站_long8龙8国际首页_龙8娱乐app

    Paul Day, Weatherford

    The future lies in integrating the drilling, completion and production phases. This life-of-well approach will deliver the next-generation well intelligence needed to reduce the cost of asset ownership, while maximizing profitability.

    Identifying economically viable wells for a recovering Brent crude price龙8国际娱乐网站_long8龙8国际首页_龙8娱乐app

    Catriona Penman, Lloyd's Register

    As E&P operators recover from Covid-19, digital transformation has brought new levels of well analysis not possible before. The latest in subsurface data visualization brings disparate data sets together—from oil price to well characteristics—to give operators ultimate confidence in their recovery plans.

    Impact of Covid-19 on oil supply, demand and price to 2030龙8国际娱乐网站_long8龙8国际首页_龙8娱乐app

    Peter R. A. Wells, Strategic Petroleum Insights

    The COVID-19 pandemic will have a profound and lasting impact on oil supply, demand and price for the next 10 years. Two scenarios are presented to help producers understand the challenges associated with fast/slow economic recoveries.


    Oil and gas in the capitals

    Mauro Nogarin

    Latin America’s E&P moves at reduced rate

    What's new in production

    Willard C. (Bill) Capdevielle, P.E.

    Appreciating depreciation


    U.S. Rotary Drilling Rigs
    International Rotary Drilling Rigs

    Data courtesy of Baker Hughes.

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